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All about freelance animator and illustrator Colin Cramm

About me

As an intern at animation studio Spunky Productions I have experienced what it's like to create your own animated film and see it being broadcast on national television. I've enjoyed drawing since I was a kid, but my passion for animation started here. The idea that animation gives you unlimited possibilities to visualize things made me want to do more with it. That's why in 2009 I started working as a freelance animator and illustrator.
During the years I've gained experience with various digital drawing- and animation techniques, which I still apply in my work today.

My work

For me, every project is a creative challenge. It all starts with mapping out the client's message and needs, which then need to be translated to a clear infographic or a compelling animated video. All of my illustrations and animations are custom made and can be drawn in a variety of drawing styles; anything is possible in terms of design.
Thanks to extensive collaboration with experts in my field and experienced professionals within my creative network, we're able to handle all aspects of an animation project, from designing an initial storyboard to delivery of the final cut featuring a professional voice over and audio mixing.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.