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A selection of animation and illustration projects


Consortius is a Netherlands based specialist in science communication and helps scientists communicate their ideas and make them more visible to the world.


Explainer video about durable diapers from Toddy.

UMCU Coronary Test

Explainer video about a coronary test for patients of the University Medical Center Utrecht.


This video gives more information about the COST programme and the benefits for researchers across Europe to join COST Actions.

UMCU Career profiles

Explainer video about UMCU career profiles.

EU Africa RISE

Explainer video about Africa RISE, an EU-funded development programme.

Grow A Wish For Vanuatu

Grow A Wish

Logo for 'Grow A Wish For Vanuatu', an initiative of the European Union - Vanuatu Partnership.

EU Vanuatu infographic

EU-Vanuatu infographic

Infographic about EU-Vanuatu development and cooperation.

Showreel 2020

Showreel 2020: an overview of our animation projects.


Medical explainer video about the Scratch-OFO trial. In collaboration with WYZYN Communicatie.

MYPP Trial

Medical explainer video about the MYPP trial to prevent pregnancy complications of women with PCOS. In collaboration with WYZYN Communicatie.

Parlaeus illustration


Set of three illustrations for Parlaeus.nl. Parlaeus' integrated online solution streamlines the decision-making process for governments and makes it more inclusive, more efficient and more transparent.

Colland Arbeidsmarkt

Animated explainer video for Colland Arbeidsmarkt about filing declarations. Produced in collaboration with PlayForward.

E-Flux for businesses

Set up your smart charging solution the way you want with E-Flux. Explainer video produced in collaboration with PlayForward.


Explainer video about LED-lighting. In collaboration with PlayForward.

Amsterdam Research & Development

Medical animation for the Amsterdam Reproduction & Development Institute, a partnership between VUmc and AMC. In collaboration with WYZYN Communicatie.

SaKS infographic

SaKS Knowledge System

Infographic illustration of the SaKS 'Knowledge System'. In collaboration with PlayForward. You can view the interactive version here.


Commercial 'Happy Days'. In collaboration with PlayForward.

Fortes Global illustration

Fortes Global

Illustration for Fortes Global, visualising various aspects of their project management platform.


Animated explainer video about paperless meeting with OurMeeting. Commissioned by DocWolves BV.